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Des Moines Electrical Panels

The electrical panel in your Des Moines home is a crucial component of your electrical system. It powers all of your devices, lights, and other electrical components. However, it is also a complex and potentially dangerous piece of equipment. It is best to leave any repairs or replacements to professional electricians. Contact Arc Electric's team of experts at the first sign of any electrical panel issues. Prompt attention to problems can prevent them from worsening.


What’s Inside Your Electrical Panel in Des Moines?

Your electrical panel, also known as a breaker box, is home to several important components that help power your home. Inside, you will find circuit breakers, which are switches that control the flow of electricity through wires. These wires start from the main power supply and are directed through the breakers to different electrical circuits in your home. Each circuit serves specific areas and provides surge protection. Additionally, there is a main circuit breaker at the top of the panel that controls the flow of power to the entire electrical system. Within the panel, there are also several technical components such as hot bus bars, a neutral bus bar, and a ground bus bar, which are responsible for distributing power and ensuring safety. However, these components are best left to the experts to understand and handle.

Resetting tripped breaker in residential electricity power panel. Male electrician turning

How Do You Know If Your Des Moines Electric Panel Has a Bad or Inadequate Circuit?

Circuit breakers in your electrical panel play a crucial role in protecting your electronic equipment and appliances from damage. They shut off power to a specific circuit when it draws more power than intended. However, when these circuit breakers malfunction, they can no longer provide the necessary protection for your home. Identifying a bad circuit breaker can be difficult, but there are signs to look out for. Our team of Des Moines electrical panel professionals has compiled a list of common issues to watch for:

  • Tripping breakers

  • Circuit breakers that won't reset

  • Burning odors or smoke from the panel

  • Frayed, roasted, or compromised wires within the panel

  • Sizzling or popping noises from the breaker box

  • A hot to the touch breaker or breaker box

When it comes to electrical panel repair in Des Moines, trust in the expertise of Arc Electric. Our team of professionals starts each repair with a comprehensive inspection and power usage assessment to ensure a safe and thorough job. We offer a wide range of panel repair services, including upgrades, breaker replacement, new circuit installation, rewiring, bus bar replacement, panel relocation, and more.

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If you're considering upgrading your electrical panel, it's important to hire a licensed electrical contractor as the process can be complex and may require a building permit. Upgrades may include increasing your amps, repairing old wiring, replacing an old panel, and adding a new grounding system. It's important to consider your current and future needs, such as future remodeling or the addition of a hot tub. At Arc Electric, we will work with you to ensure that your new panel has enough room for growth.


At Arc Electric, we take pride in being a trusted and highly recommended Des Moines electrical panel company. We have years of experience providing top-notch panel services, including repair, replacement, relocation, and upgrades. Remember, electrical panels are dangerous, and it's always best to leave repairs to the professionals. If you're facing an electrical panel problem, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help.

Consider Upgrading Your Electrical Panel When:

  • Age of Panel Exceeds 25 Years: Electrical panels typically have a lifespan of 25-40 years. However, it's advisable not to wait until issues arise to replace your panel. Safety standards evolve, and an older panel may not comply with current safety requirements. Upgrading your panel can prevent potential electrical fires.

  • Lights Flicker or Dim With Appliance Use: If lights flicker or dim when you use appliances, it indicates that too much power is being drawn from a single circuit. Our team can assess your system to determine if additional circuits are needed or if a panel upgrade is necessary to support increased energy consumption.

  • Panel Feels Warm: A panel that feels warm to the touch or emits a burning smell signals that the wiring may be damaged or exposed. Prompt repair is essential to avert potential fire hazards. We'll inspect the wiring and, if necessary, replace the panel.

  • Insufficient Outlets: If you find yourself frequently relying on extension cords, your panel might have the capacity for more circuits, allowing for additional outlet installations. Should your panel be at its limit, upgrading is the next step to accommodate your needs.

  • Circuit Breakers Trip Often: Frequent tripping of circuit breakers indicates that your panel may be overloaded. Such a situation not only interrupts daily life but poses safety concerns. Regularly resetting breakers suggests it's time for an upgrade.

  • Outdated Fuse Box: Homes with outdated fuse boxes instead of circuit breakers, especially prevalent in older residences, lack the convenience and safety of modern systems. Transitioning to a circuit breaker panel improves safety and simplifies electrical troubleshooting.

  • Installing High-Powered Appliances: The addition of high-powered appliances, such as air conditioners, electric heaters, or home theaters, increases the demand on your electrical system. If you're incorporating such appliances, consider upgrading your electrical panel to support the enhanced power needs.


Advantages of Upgrading Your Electrical Panel


Upgrading your electrical panel is a significant step toward enhancing the efficiency and safety of electricity usage in your home. Initiating an electrical panel upgrade offers a host of benefits, marking it as a pivotal move for homeowners.


Enhanced Safety: The primary advantage of an electrical panel upgrade is the significant boost in safety it provides. A modernized electrical system ensures comprehensive protection for all your electrical devices against fire hazards or electrical shocks.


Increased Convenience: For those with smart home systems, an upgraded electrical panel enhances convenience by expanding electrical control capabilities throughout your home, making it easier to manage your smart appliances.


Improved Energy Efficiency: With an upgrade, your electrical panel will operate more efficiently, contributing to better overall energy usage throughout your home.


Reduced Electrical Costs: One of the tangible benefits of an upgraded electrical panel is the reduction in your electricity bills. A modern electrical system enhances operational efficiency, reducing wasteful electricity consumption and thereby lowering monthly costs.


Compliance with Regulations: Homeowners upgrading from outdated systems will find reassurance in knowing their new electrical setup aligns with current safety standards and regulations, ensuring their home is both safe and compliant.

Embarking on an electrical panel upgrade sets the stage for a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective electrical system in your home.

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