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Electrical Remodeling in Des Moines

Remodeling a home can be costly, especially when it comes to updating electrical components. Arc Electric, based in Des Moines, offers the expertise to help residents and general contractors overhaul their existing electrical systems as part of a remodeling project. Our electricians have the necessary skills to complete the job safely and efficiently, as well as the professionalism to instill confidence in clients. When looking for a remodeling electrician, industry experience is essential for a successful outcome.


Electrical Services for Home Renovations

At Arc Electric, we offer a variety of electrical services perfect for total or partial home renovations. These include the following:


Wiring Upgrades

When remodeling a home, upgrading the wiring system is crucial to ensure it meets current codes and regulations. Arc Electric, has the expertise to successfully overhaul wiring systems in a residence. Our electricians have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure all work is up to code and viable. Trust us to handle all your home wiring needs during your remodeling project


Lighting Installations

Installing new lighting fixtures is a common aspect of home remodeling. It's important to hire an experienced company to ensure proper functionality of the lighting layout in all areas of the home, including the bathroom and kitchen. We have the expertise to handle all your lighting installation needs during your remodeling project. Trust us to provide professional and efficient service for your home.


New Room Additions

When adding new rooms to your home, upgrading the electrical components is essential. We have the capability to handle these upgrades, whether it is renovating existing circuitry, revamping breaker boxes or increasing the overall electrical capacity of your home. Trust us to provide professional and efficient service for your home renovation project.


Permits for Electrical Work

We will obtain the necessary permits for your project and work with inspectors to ensure compliance with all safety codes and regulations in the Des Moines area, after we understand your remodeling requirements. Trust us to handle all permit and compliance matters, so that your project can proceed smoothly.

Electricians for Remodeling
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